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This window depicts Jesus at the tomb of Lazarus in Bethany.  It also shows the two responses to death.  The woman in dark purple is despondent.  This is the first response to death.  She has slumped to the ground.  She is holding her hand to her face as Martha perhaps did when she said, "He's been there four days."  Without an understanding that Jesus has power over death, this woman typifies every response to death.  The woman with her hand on Jesus is the hopeful and anticipating person at death.  This is the second response to death and hopefully it is ours.  Jesus has power to call Lazarus from his tomb.  Jesus has power to tell the people, "Untie him and let him go."  You can see Lazarus at the entrance to his tomb.  When the people follow through and untie Lazarus they can touch for themselves the promise of Jesus, "Whoever believes in me will not die even though he dies.

Raising of Lazarus Window Ó

Cross and Crown Evangelical Lutheran Church

Georgetown, Texas